Strategic Consultancy

GCS specialise in:

  • Strategic provision of re-franchising expertise, including bid support, mobilisation and franchise integration.
  • Bringing transparency/governance to changes in the UK rail investment programme, including interfaces with Network Rail and other key stakeholders to develop the Sir Peter Hendy Review of Rail Investment in UK.
  • Working across geographic routes in the UK’s intercity & commuter rail market to identify and resolve integration issues on the existing rail network and integrated planning for future investments.
  • Creating and implementing common integration tools, templates and techniques.
  • Identifying integration risks and issues and ensuring the risk and issue management processes drive timely actions and decisions.
  • Develop and implement an approach for conducting delivery assessments on emerging rail strategies and schemes, working closely with stakeholders, so as to ensure that investments in the railway are planned and managed in the most effective and efficient way.

Franchise Bidding Support

Bidding for rail franchises in the UK and abroad requires short-term input by experts, to cover the bidding and initial implementation phases. With a bid success rate in the U.K. of over 50%, our input has ranged from responsibility for entire sections of bids, bid editing/preparation, operational research and data collection.

Benchmarking Studies

Best practice can usefully be shared internationally between operators, in order to advance knowledge across the world, with the potential for significant improvements in operational and financial performance.

A comparison of alternatives can be critical in finding the most cost-effective solution for any particular environment, given variations in trip density, network structure, topography and funding. GCS offer extensive specialist knowledge and techniques that can be employed on a wide range of infrastructure schemes.

Project Experience

Since 2009 GCS Limited has been involved in a range of national electrification, signalling, track remodelling and major station reconstruction schemes.